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I have what ever came with my 2 LT plus a 9MM Beretta, Com on take my HHr and make My Day!
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Originally Posted by solman98 View Post
Confused, so your saying if I lock the car with the remote and then try to open with the key, the alarm goes off?
My father's Durango is the same. If locked with remote and not unlocked that way, alarm will go off. Learned that the hard way when I picked it up from his house while he was gone. Got some steers from the neighbors.
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Originally Posted by Dave C View Post
If your insurance company doesn't know, YOU need a new insurance company.

They list a whole bunch of stuff...doing it online...hey so easy even a caveman can do it


PS Z-Man I like your style
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Originally Posted by Z-Man View Post
I have what ever came with my 2 LT plus a 9MM Beretta, Com on take my HHr and make My Day!
same as yours, except ours has a 9MM Glock
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Originally Posted by solman98 View Post
Well, an alarm that goes off using it's own smart key....... Guess I better hope the battery gives me plenty of notice before it dies...
Inserting key into the ignition turns the alarm off.
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Usually putting the key in the ignition will turn it off. The electric door locks on my minivan are wearing out so I don't even carry the clicker anymore. Locking the doors with the button sets the alarm. Sometimes the lock doesn't go all the way down and I wrongly think I left it unlocked. If the alarm sounds, I just put the key in the ignition and it stops. But this car will also allow me to open the door with the key, even if the alarm is set.
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I had a glass break and shock sensor added to my stock alarm. You use factory remote and keep the auto start function. The factory alarm is not a content protection alarm, your window can be smashed as long as they do not open the door the alarm will not sound. Found out the hard way my 2003 Silverado pickup and $3500 worth of damage, Only more expensive cars have content protection systems my wife's M35 has one.
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If they can squeeze through that window, they can take whatever they want. My deductible's only $500 and anything they're gonna grab is going to be worth either more or less and can be replaced for less than the price of an alarm.

Stupid is as stupid does. If you're like my friend who left a radar detector on the windshield of his brand new Saturn in downtown Kansas City outside a strip club called "Bazooka's", you kinda half to know there's a possibility it could get jacked. What really cracks me up are the people who have a nice aftermarket stereo, but forget to take the faceplate with them or at least hide it. Hellloooo!
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