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Old 08-14-2010, 02:13 PM   #1
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Angry Another tire pressure monitor problem...

I have to add my gripe to the list. Out of six service trips to the Dealer for my 2008 HHR SS. five have included tire pressure monitoring "resets". It is now a daily occurance where one or more monitors light up the dash with "service tire monitor" and then take up to 24 hours before they reset themselves. I felt I won the big jackpot the day that all four monitors showed ---. I guess I didn't because I am still waiting for the big payoff. As aggravating as this can be, I am more perturbed with the "low tire pressure", especially when travelling at night on the highway -- and the pressure drops in incements until it reaches 150 KPa (21 lbs)...then to magically inflates the tire back to 230 KPa (32 lbs). Got to love to hate TPMS. After reading some of the threads, I guess it is time to take a stand with the Dealer. They may be sorry they asked for my opinion of their "service".
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I just took my first 112 mile each way trip on the expressways to get my rear seat for my '08 Panel.(19,000 miles on it)

And on the way home the tire thing light up like yours.

I scrolled through the Info button and it said my right front tire had "--" Pressure the others showed 32, 34, and 38.

I could tell driving at 75MPH that my tire Did have air, when it Notified me of the "Problem". But it then Worrys you as you are Driving, WTF is Wrong? You start thinking about it and get Aggravated when you Know your tires Have Air IN them!
Now your concentration is on a Bogus ERROR , instead of Fully on driving on the Expressway at 75MPH.

At least it Reset itself After I was home and later started it, Now tells me it has 32.

Get back to BASICS Car makers, AC/Heat Power steering Tilt Wheel Maybe power windows and locks.

$300.00 in Wire Harnesses to upgrade a factory Radio?

To many Useless Gizmo's are on cars these days.

They only Fail, and COST the Owner Money.

I mean really if a person is that frigging Lazy to check their tire pressure, they should ride a Bus and Not have a license.

I Check mine Weekly because I Don't trust Gizmos.

Same with Oil, you Check it at Every fill up. A Gizmo to tell you when it needs changing is Silly.

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I think TPMS is fed mandated starting in '08 or something like that...... I'm sure the insurance companies lobbied heavily stating it's a safety measure...... If I had a blow out the last thing I need is a light telling me about it.... I'd be too busy

So glad my '07 doesn't have this.

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Amen. Couldn't agree more. The problem is that it is mandatory to have a TPMS -government rule -- politics and car manufactures do make strange bedfellows. Bottom line, if we have to have them, they should darn well work, at least within some acceptable tolerance. Cheers!
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Old 08-15-2010, 12:19 AM   #5
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After the Ford / Firestone blow outs & rollovers, the guvmemt said there needs to be more safety stuff.. So as was said for 2008 it became standard on IIRC All US vehicles...
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Janny, do you know which monitor(s) are acting up? You need to get the dealer to replace them. I had similar problems with 3 of the TPMs and my dealer replaced them after the 2nd time I complained about the same monitor acting up(I also took pics of the -- showing on the TPM for that wheel). If your current dealer won't take action, take it somewhere that will. There is no reason to have this problem. After the proper service, your TPM system should work properly.
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I've had a sort of similar problem. It kept telling me every time I turned on the car that my left front tire was low. I used a manual gauge every time and it was almost in the 40's!. I let a little air out to get it closer to 35 until I got it into the dealer. It was about a week and a half. Now he tells me that my electric monitor was right and the manual one wrong? I feel like an idiot, and perhaps I am. I really want to get rid of that feature so I can just rely on my manual gauges (and yes, I have tried more than one) and be left alone. Just had to comment. Thanks!
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Regarding the TPMS problem: The dealer can retrain the sensor with their special tool and then everything works fine for a week or two then it happens all over again. You can't re-train your TPMS with the procedure in the owners manual at that point. My 2010 HHRss had the same problem and each time it happened the RR display was "--". The first go-around at the dealer resulted in a reset. At that time I was told "If it happens again we'll replace the sensor". Two weeks after the first event it happened again and then the sensor was replaced under warranty. So far so good.
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Just have it replaced. Something is faulty with the sensor.
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Yeah , we had many problems w/ TPMS , but the dealer replaced the thing for us for free (under warranty ) & havent had any probs since !!

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