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Old 01-19-2009, 03:10 PM   #1
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front doors don't open due to ice

Here's my problem, the ice builds up at the bottom of my a-piller on top of the rocker panelís/side skirts. When you go to open the front door the lower front part of the front doors hits the ice built up on the rocker and bends the lower part of the door. As well as scraps and makes all kinds of noise. The only way to get in the front doors is to force the ice out using the font door as an ice pick.

I took it to the dealer and I'm not going to get in to the conversation I had with the adviser but he was very rude and told me that was normal. I should just "clean it" I asked him how I can do that if I can't open the door with out damaging it.

The ice is coming from the front windshield and the cowl as the water melts it runs down and pools up there. It's a drainage issue with the cowl. I checked for leaves blocking the cowl drain so I know thatís not the problem. I just think it's got to do with the design I was hoping some other people in Canada or the northern states have had similar problems and might be able to help.
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I have the same problem, as well as an abundance of ice/sluch build up on/under the running boards. The only room there is between the tire and the build up is the room the tire makes when it rubs on it. Don't think there is anything we can do about this other than not driving it in the winter! Seems like the ground effects catch and hold a lot of slush crap. Add it to the complaint list
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Carry a cup or thermos of warm water with you to melt it... ?
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This is not just an SS issue. I had the same problem with my '07 1LT but it does seem to be more prevalent in my '08 SS.

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Same problem with my 07 also and it's a problem with the SS too. The insulation that is in the fender area keeps the water frozen in the winter.....solution......warmer weather!

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same here. i can see why dude was rude. what do you expect him to do.
go back and tell him the rear wiper only goes part way across the hatch
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Mine does it too, we have had temps in the single digits for days which is making it worse. If I had a heated garage to park it in at night that would fix it. But I don't so I have just delt with it carefully getting in and out.

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Have not had the buildup you mention but I do watch around my doors and hatch. Now to win the lottery and build a climate control garage and the heating fro 30 years.
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Ahhhh, Indoor heated parking is great. No snow on the SS and the seats are warm too.
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Not a problem here yet and I have had lots of ice and snow. I did put flaps on to keep the ice off the outside . It does not hit the rocker till all most half way back.

Also I have no yet had the ice problem on my SS yet in the door jamb area. Just lucky?

I did have it on the Hinge of my Sonoma . It would freeze and sound like the door was breaking in the hinge when I opened it.
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