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Interior driver side door handle

door handle snapped off in my hand as i was trying to get out
called the repair shop
over $300 in prts and labor because the entire door panel has to be replaced!!!
for a little silver ring of plastic
so now I will be that woman rolling down the window to get out of my formerly cool car all because CHEVY cant figure out a better way to replace a door handle
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There is a thread or two here on how to repair them without buying the whole door panel - ie: see

That thread also has details on acquiring just a replacement handle rather than the whole door panel.

A few people have broken them off - it seems due to using the chrome handle to pull the door closed, rather than using the handgrip built into the door panel itself.
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Dorman part #80370 - right side
Dorman part #80369 - left side

$58.79 each.

Both at Rock Auto, or any parts house that has Dorman parts and most do
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to the forum pastormarie!

Excellent advice from whopper and oneton, installing the Dorman kit only takes about an hour and you're good as new when its done.
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Might be a good idea to reinforce them with JB Weld before they break..... just thinkin'

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I fixed mine in about an hour. I wasn't in a hurry. Easy fix. Mine broke when I started using the handle to grab to close the door. I was lazy. lol I know better now.
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Still lovethis site! Where could I go fast to find where I could get a part to fix the door handle I broke.

$60 on Amazon
Amazon Amazon
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