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Service ESC on the DIC

This morning on the way to work, my car sounded like something broke off or hit the car, and then the DIC and traction control lights started going a bit hay wire. I slowed down and pulled over, and the DIC displayed "Service ESC" and the traction control light came on. I got out and inspected the tires, under the hood, all the fender wells, and could not find anything that had fallen off. I checked the road, and there was nothing in the road, no debris, no pieces of the car, no rocks.

This is the second time something crazy has come up on my Gauges. The first being when my gauges went crazy and I lost the ability to use the brakes. I'm beginning to get very worried about my brand new Cars ability to be a safe vehicle to drive.

I have a 2010 HHR 1LT. It only has 5000 miles on it.
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Have you taken it to the dealer for diagnosis yet? Obviously something is wrong and it is under warranty.
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I just scheduled an appointment for tomorrow. I'm dropping it off tonight. I'm posting this here to tell people about it.

I'll post the dealers finding after they tell me if they find something.
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Went out for lunch today from work, and the same thing happened. One difference this time; I lost my brakes. I had to use my Emergency brake to stop. I down shifted and pulled onto the shoulder. Same thing, got out, inspected car, checked under the hood, nothing seemed to be wrong. Got back in, started it up, and everything was normal again. I really hope the dealership can find out whats wrong, this is freaking me out.

If anyone has had something similar happen and knows where I can point the service department to fix it, please speak up. I'm scared to drive my HHR now.
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I haven't seen any post regarding anything like your current problem. Hopefully it's in the dealers hands now, and they will do a diagnosis and fix for you. Best of luck.
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same here, my computer was replaced and cured the dash alerts.
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Sounds like road debrie took out some wiring on the hubs
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Got the car back for a few minutes from the dealership for a test drive. They said that a few modules on my car needed reprogramming and that one of them actually fried out and shorted. The mechinc then said that there are so many different components to the braking now intsead of just the mast cylander and the hydraulics of pressing a break, that one of the systems went haywire. He doesn't know how or why. He reprogrammed several of the systems, and reflashed my cars brain. I had to leave the car because they were waiting on the part that fried out, and they wanted to work on some of the rattles and squeeks they heard while test driving my car.
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are you saying the brakes dont work or do they feel really hard meaning no power brakes? if you loss vacuum to the brake booster the brakes will work but they will
be rock hard and wont stop that good.
if you broke off a wheel speed sensor the abs will stop working but the brakes will still work fine.
you will need to include more details for anyone to help you. If you are uncomfortable
driving your car Dont. You have roadside service. and no dealer will have you drive your ride in when your brakes are giving problems like not stopping.
this may seem far fetched but if the four bolts that hold your backing plate to the rear axle came out when you hit the brakes the plate may have rotated on the axle hub thus crushing your brake line and twisting off your wheel speed sensor.the c-clip would prevent the axle and wheel from coming off and it would explain everything.
this would be scary to think something like this is even remotley possible with a new
vehicle. but you never know.Keep us posted.

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Ok, so I'm not sure if I even believe what they are telling me but here it goes. The HHR has a multi-stage braking system that has severl computerized components. The mechanic went for a drive with me and explained that the module that controls my front passenger brake mechanism failed and allowed my brake pedal to go to the floor. When I pulled over and turned the car off, it allowed the system to reset and gave me brake power back. They replaced the module for the braking computer, I don't understand how my car has a 'braking computer', but thats how it was explained to me. They had to keep it another day, because they had to order in the 'brake brain' to make sure they don't have any more problems.

As far as the original issue I had, the second time I drove my car at lunch on Tuesday, when I got the same Service ESC message, I completely lost my brakes. I pushed the pedal and it had no pressure, just went to the floor. After I pulled over and restarted the car, I got brake pressure back. I'll know tomorrow the long list of parts they replaced over the last three days of it being worked on by four different mechanics and a service manager.
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