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Enter here for the May 2017 Featured HHR contest!!!!!

Entries for the May 2017 Featured HHR contest are now open!

Entries must be received by 11:59:59pm Pacific Time on June the 4th.

All registered members may vote.

The winning HHR will be posted in the HHR Of The Month Sub-Forum.


How to Submit your HHR for the Featured HHR contest:

Make a NEW thread in the "Featured HHR Submissions Forum" with the following Information:

*Descriptive Thread Title: ie: Johnny’s Featured HHR Submission

*Name: John Doe (Full Name Not Required) link

*Location: (Your City, Your State)

*Vehicle Info: (Year, Trim Level, Engine Size)

*Stock Options: (XM, onStar ......)

*Modifications: (you may divide them in categories if you wish to do so. ie Exterior, Interior, Performance…)

*Future plans: (whatever plans you have in mind like stuffing in a V-12)

*Other info: (ie: shows won….)

*Display up to 10 quality and well deserving images following all the text above.


Follow the Contest Rules:

*In the Voting Period, Members of the forum (the “Voters”) are invited to go to the Website to vote on the Finalists’ Entry Posts posted at the Website.

Voters will be asked to select the Entry Post that in their opinion demonstrates the HHR which best qualifies as the Featured HHR for the designated month.

The Finalist whose Entry Post receives the highest number of votes will be declared the (potential) Winner; the Finalists with the three highest scores after the Winner will be the (potential) Runner Ups in the event of a rule infraction.

In the event of a tie in the Public Voting Period, the site (ChevyHHR.net) will name the tied Entrants to be the "Co-Winners" of said Contest.

Any attempt by any Entrant and/or his/her family/friends to vote more than the number of times authorized herein, using any third party proxy voting services, using multiple names or e-mail addresses and/or any other fraudulent mechanism(s), including robotic, automatic, programmed or similar methods, or soliciting votes on behalf of Entrants, by any fraudulent or inappropriate means, including, without limitation, offering prizes, payments or other inducements to members of the public (including, without limitation, offering to trade votes), shall give the site(ChevyHHR.net), in its sole discretion, the right to disqualify the entry and Entrant.

Also, the solicitation of votes, or solicitation of new Members for the sole purpose of gaining votes by the use of Social Media (Facebook®™, Twitter®™, etc.), is prohibited.

Said Entrant will also subject to an Irreversible Lifetime Ban from the site(ChevyHHR.net)."

*You must be the owner of the HHR you are submitting.

*Owners of multiple HHR's may enter one HHR per quarter(120 days), in the event that an owner of multiple HHR's wins a monthly "Featured HHR" contest, the winning HHR wil be automatically entered into the "HHRs Of The Year". If said member wins a second monthly contest with another HHR, the second HHR would also be listed in the "HHRs Of The Year", following the rule listed below.

*The "HHRs Of The Year" will now consist of each Monthly Contest winner, listed in order of the highest to the lowest number of votes received in their HHR Of The Month wins. For example, if the June HHR Of The Month gets 50 votes in its winning poll, and the December HHR Of The Month gets 51 votes, then the December winner would be listed ahead of the June winner

*All images must be hosted in our gallery to assure all members and visitors can see them.

*10 images max. Please take the time to take good pics of your baby, composition and setting can make a winner out of a "Bone Stock LS".

*If you do not know how to post pictures click here.....


*One submission per person per month.

*Past winners may enter again 12 months from their previous Contest win, for example, if you won the June 2016 Featured HHR Of The Month Contest, you may enter the June 2017 Featured HHR Of The Month Contest.

*No external links.

*Minimum of 30 days as an active Member or as a Premium Member.


Post a link to your submission thread into this thread.

*Just post your thread link in this thread.

*You will NOT be up for voting if you do not have a link to your thread in THIS thread.


The Administration reserves the right to edit this contest at any time.

*The image that will be selected for voting will be Administrator's & Moderator's choice from your Submission Thread.

If you did not win in the past, please feel free to re-submit your ride.
New and better pics may help you out, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your camera and the location.

***No Discussions in this thread please. Just the link to your submission thread.***

Best of luck to all entrants.

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Come on now don't be shy!!
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Because we've had some glitches with our Image Hosting, and the new Album Feature, I've extended the Entry Period out to June the 4th.

And as Oldblue said right above me, don't be shy, shine up your ride and enter it.
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Or at least a couple of pictures!
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OK, if we don't get any May entries, and our slightly wonky Image Hosting software is part of the problem.

We're going to have a combined May/June Featured HHR Contest.

So come on kids, there are a ton of great HHRs owned by our Membership, let's see 'em!
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