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Always thought that the colder (denser) air created additional resistance to any body moving thru it which contributed to offset in lower fuel economy. When the temps really fall then road resistance / tire interaction become part of the picture too.

(as opposed to any gains to denser air being fed into the intake which is comp'd by the ignition system anyway).

Looks like I'm off base though.
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Originally Posted by tamatt27 View Post
How can that be? There's no sensor at the fill cap. Unless the computer sees the evap pressure suddenly go down from the pressure sensor on top of the tank....but the car is usually off when people fill up so the pcm isn't even powered up.
Although I suppose when the car gets restarted, the pcm will see that the evap pressure is at zero. Seems it would simply be easier to use the signal from the fuel level gauge to signal a fuel fill event, lol.
Computers take input from as many sensors as you give them.
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Originally Posted by 08LaRam View Post
I remember that tube and you are right most of the time it was just gone. I don't even remember for sure what it was called but I think it was called a "heat shroud". It warmed the air going into the breather.
The hot air intake was because it was carb'ed. It was designed to run with the choke. TOday's cars don't need it. Odds are the computer is just going to re-adjust everything to make itself happy.
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OP how did the testing turn out?
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