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Sputtering flow of air from tailpipe w/ idel

Hey guys so I just bought this 2011 2.2 and I just changed the oil and cleaned the throttle body but when the car is idling in park the motor with like sputter like the rims don't really nice much but it sounds like it goes up down up down like it's a go cart with the idel switch turned down and it's trying to stay running. It never does door down tho. It will just do that for a few seconds then run fine then d do it again in a few a little bit later.
I noticed the flow of air from the trail pipe is not coming out on a constant flow it comes out like in waves like separated puffs. Like it's hard to explain but it's not a straight flow of air it's in waves. The car runs fine so I don't know what this could be. Please help
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You may want to edit your post so it makes a little more sense. Voice-to-text with your phone sometimes makes for jibberish.
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From your description we don't know what it could be either. If it is running fine like you say, why worry about it?
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I believe they're saying that at idle, the rpms go up and downand the car acts like it is going to shut off. The post is hard to read, but some of the words are auto correct from typing on a phone using the Swype keyboard.
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Try a battery lobotomy. Disconnect the negative terminal at the battery for a full 30 minutes.
When you cleaned the throttle body did you move the butterfly manually?
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