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GM Ignition Recall Extended to All HHR's 2006-2011 UPDATED!!!

Updated!-GM has now expanded the recall to all HHR model years.
Just saw on autoblog that GM has extended the.recall to include 06 and 07 HHR models!

"General Motors is expanding the recall of certain 2003-2007 model year vehicles to correct a condition with the ignition switch that may allow the key to unintentionally move or switch to the "accessory" or "off" position, turning off the engine and most of the electrical components on the vehicle.

In addition to 2005-2007 Chevrolet Cobalts and Pontiac G5 and Pontiac Pursuit sold in Canada only, GM is separately recalling 2003-2007 Saturn Ions, 2006-2007 Chevrolet HHRs, and 2006-2007 Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky models. The affected U.S. vehicle population, including those vehicles recalled Feb. 13, totals 1,367,146.

This expanded vehicle population raises the number of reported incidents involving frontal crashes, in which the recall condition may have caused or contributed to the non-deployment of the frontal airbags, to 31 involving 13 front-seat fatalities.

As part of the recall, GM is taking steps to address customer concerns and working with its suppliers to increase parts production and accelerate availability.

GM will notify all affected customers that in addition to recalling their vehicles and performing repairs at no charge to them, GM and its dealers will work with customers on an individual, case-by-case basis to minimize inconvenience associated with the recall.

"Ensuring our customers' safety is our first order of business," said GM North America President Alan Batey. "We are deeply sorry and we are working to address this issue as quickly as we can."

Going beyond required written notification, GM, through its customer care centers and social media teams, is using customer records and communications channels to notify affected customers of the recall and additional actions the company is willing to take to relieve their concerns and minimize inconvenience.

GM is recalling these vehicles because the ignition switch torque performance may not meet GM specifications. If the torque performance is not to specification, and the key ring is carrying added weight or the vehicle goes off road or experiences some other jarring event, the ignition switch may inadvertently be moved out of the "run" position.

The timing of the key movement out of the "run" position, relative to the activation of the sensing algorithm of the crash event, may result in the airbags not deploying, increasing the potential for occupant injury in certain kinds of crashes.

Dealers will replace the ignition switch to prevent the unintentional or inadvertent key movement. Until this correction is performed, customers should use only the ignition key with nothing else on the key ring. As always, customers should drive responsibly and use their safety belts.

On Monday, the company submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration a detailed chronology associated with its initial recall of the ignition switch torque performance condition in Chevrolet Cobalts and Pontiac G5s and Pursuits. The chronology outlines events that happened during the time that elapsed between receiving the first field reports and issuing a recall.

"The chronology shows that the process employed to examine this phenomenon was not as robust as it should have been," said Batey. "Today's GM is committed to doing business differently and better. We will take an unflinching look at what happened and apply lessons learned here to improve going forward."

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Got a link for that?

Since it wasn't an actual recall prevoiusly, are they calling it one now?
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It is indeed a full recall.

About damn time.

This should also take care of the stuck key/can't turn off car problem as well right? Or am I thinking a completely separate part.
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Post HHR's Added to GM Recall Ignition Switch 2006/07

Just saw this on the news, mines a 2009, but figured I'd share for others.
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Yes the HHR's have been added, but only the 2006 and the 2007's. Problem as I understand it, there are not nearly enough replacement switches in the supply line, so we can only hope that the rush to manufacture replacements don't create a switch with other or even more problems than the recalled one.
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Originally Posted by rihan View Post

It is indeed a full recall.

About damn time.

This should also take care of the stuck key/can't turn off car problem as well right? Or am I thinking a completely separate part.
It may fix that stuck key problem, but its intent is to address the ignition suddenly and unexpectantly turning off as a result of bumpy roads etc. Also the recall is only for the 2006 and 2007's.
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Recall alert - Ignition switch 2006/7 HHRs!

I just saw this story posting linked on our local news page. Latest GM recal includes 2006-07 Chevrolet HHR.

Wanted to share with my fellow HHR owners so that those of you who own an 06-07 could be well informed!
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A good rule of thumb, wonky ignition lock cylinders or not, is to have just the key and keyfob on their own keychain.

That 2 pound glob of house keys, office keys, garage keys, bike lock keys, and so on, should be be in your pocket or purse....never hanging from the ignition.

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I wonder how long until we get letters in the mail for the recall? I've had this car die on me 3 times in the middle of driving and scare the **** out of me. Just paid $$ for the dang ac to be fixed and now this. Shoulda bought an '08 I guess.
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mines an 08 but it was made in im not sure what to do about this. I guess ill just wait and see what GM comes out with for a fix, I actually heard this morning on the radio that they do not have a fix yet, all they know is its related to the ignition switch but dont know exactly "why" or have a fix for this mystery issue
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