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Good news. That's what we are here for, to share info and help out what we can.
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You got it fixed!! Now, Roll on over to Slim's on Anna Maria island for a cold treat! Maybe see you there next April!!
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Great write up , I will be going to work on it tomorrow , wish me luck.
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Oldblue, I will be looking for you at Skinny's next April, Keep in Touch. meanwhille, I will also go to Duffy's who used to be aat Skinnys'. Duffy's is on Marina Drive near Fire House
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CUDA1952 , not a problem to R/R. easily took less than an hour only thing bothered me was doing iit in 98 degreee heat. Pictures at beginning of this "How to" by Snowhite are perfect.
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I just tried this fix, and I think my problem is bigger than the spring. I got the spring turned around, but when I put it back in and went to try it out, my signals don't work at all now. Took it all apart, no broken pieces and the electrical harnesses were all fastened securely, so I think mine has just crapped out entirely.

I just ordered an AC Delco replacement from RockAuto for about $31 shipped, thanks to the OP pics this'll be a piece of cake to fix back up. Thanks!
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I reversed the spring but the issue is still there.

Originally Posted by Sno White View Post
Took some time to get into my third bad turn signal to see if there was some permanent fix to the problem of the “canceling” feature not working.

Short answer; YES.
I did like you subjectes but the issue have not been resulted. Could be any other couse for this issue? Cold be the lobe on the steering wheel shaft that you mentioned, the couse of this issue instead of the signal switcher in self? This issue come out after I upgrade my 2006 HHR steering wheel. Could be the SIM related with this issue because something get brake while I was doing the steering wheel upgrate?

Last edited by donbrew; 10-30-2016 at 12:44 PM. Reason: removed the pictures in the quote
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If anything got broken, I would expect it to be on the switch. Pretty sure the cam is on the steering column and is solid metal.
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I did this fix on mine and it only lasted a couple of months. I would suggest that you go on Ebay and buy an ACDelco replacement. They are under $30.00 delivered. It is worth not having to do it twice.
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Thanks for the post. Mine started acting up the other day and I replaced with a new one in under 45 minutes including cleaning all the plastics, vacuuming any dust in there, and cleaning and greasing the column height or tilt surface and putting all the tools away. Very simple. The hardest part was putting the gauge bezel back in which took 5 minutes.

I used a brand new switch from Autozone for under $50 which has a lifetime warranty so if it goes bad every year or two, all I'm out is a little bit of time. I like rock auto but it is very hard to warranty any parts through them.
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