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Frame rails

You must cut about 1/2" off of the lower frame rails at the bottom (both sides) or you won't be able to reinstall the bumper. Been there, done that...

T 20 aka Mo
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Moving along on my bumper

Got some work done this morning on my front bumper. I was able to find a piece of plastic that matches the contour of the bumper pretty well. The difference can be seen between the left, first side, and the right. The middle piece contours are not very matched either, but I think it'll turn out just fine. Hopefully the final round of plastic welding this afternoon, and then the first run at filler to get all the contours correct.
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Respect For Bodywork Guys

I know there's at least a few of you guys out there, either professional or who do it on the side. All you guys that do bodywork, great respect for you. I've kind of alluded to it before, but this work is hard. And everyone who does it, you guys rock. The patience and technique needed is huge.

So here's my body work for the day. I have the left side of the bumper good, I think. The bottom has a few pits, but all of the lines and contours are good enough for me, I think. I sprayed a coat of primer on, spray can, I know, so I could see what is going on and I'm happy.

But it's four in the afternoon, and I have some cleaning I've been neglecting since the wife is gone and a ten pound mahi-mahi to clean and bake. Here's some pictures. I moved the bumper out into the yard to get some more light. It's overcast and it started to sprinkle a little. And critiques are always welcome.
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A little filler and detail sanding, it'll be ready for paint!
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