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A diff swap in the f35 is a daunting task and would have to be done by an experienced F35 specialist. The tool set alone is 6-700$ if you can find one. Remember, becoming an f35 specialists only means you have screwed up several builds enough times to fully understand what NOT to do and why.

F40 diff swap is much ,much easier. I do offer F40 LSD install kits complete with tools, bearings, seals, grease, sealant, upgraded case fasteners, diff fasteners, bearings, detailed instructions with pictures ect.. regal f40 LSD swap can be done for less than 4k with f40 swap mounts, clutch, axles, shifter, cables ect.. look up my Facebook page, "smash" the like button amd follow. Pretty sure f40 lsd install kit is one of the more recent posts

As far as fueling, I will be using the ZZP upgraded HPFP. They just released it last week. Also utilizing Opel injectors.
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