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Old 05-08-2008, 11:42 AM   #1
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Show us your guns!

Kinda testing the water here, seeing if there is any interest in firearms.

Discuss, post pics, ask questions, anything?

I'll get some photos soon but so far my collection is as follows

Benelli Nova Tactical - 12 gauge
Bushmaster Carbon 15 -.223
M44 - 7.62x54r
Glock 23 - .40S&W
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1. long (22 inch barrel) AR-15 with red/gren dot scope. stag arms
2. short (16 inch barrel) AR-15 with collapsable stock, iron sites,modified flash suppresor and trigger. stag arms
3. Colt King Cobra .357 magnum revolver.
4. 1908 Winchester 30/30 (no pic)
5 Glock 45 new with 2 high copasity mags (no pic)

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I have a few, some here with me and some back home in TX.
All have been photographed, insured, and are registered.
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Old 05-09-2008, 12:41 AM   #4
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beretta 92F 9mm
AMT backup .45
remington rand 1911 .45
Desert eagle .50 AE
colt DA .41 colt
S&W XVR .460
Walther ppk .32

Sako 75 .223
Rem 700 .270
rem 700 VSSF 22-250
Volquartzen .22LR(built it myself) its a worm holer
Ruger 77 .17HMR
Winchester model 70 pre 64 .30-06
old as hell savage 22LR

Rem 1100 12ga
Mossberg model 500 12ga
Ithica feather light 20ga
Valmet 412 o/u 12ga
Browning A5 12ga

I know there a few more but im too lazy to go look in the safe :twothumbs
heres a stab at a few pics hope they work
Name:  100_1028.jpg
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Size:  52.4 KB
Name:  100_1029.jpg
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Size:  53.9 KB
Name:  100_1024.jpg
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Name:  100_1022.jpg
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Size:  53.7 KB
Name:  100_1020.jpg
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Name:  100_1019.jpg
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Name:  100_1017.jpg
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Last edited by sp52075; 05-09-2008 at 12:44 AM. Reason: figured out how to post pics
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I like your custom 22 caught me off guard though with the colors
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I am looking at purchasing my first handgun but haven't done so yet. I am thinking a .40 cal Beretta. Any tips on licensing or purchasing your first gun?

Here's a couple pics of the borrowed guns I had to give back to Uncle Sam after a year in the desert.

Name:  Tom-SAW-M16-M9Baretta.jpg
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Size:  46.6 KB
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Originally Posted by a76marine View Post
Any tips on licensing or purchasing your first gun?
If you already haven't, head to your local gun shop and get a FOID application. Check with your local ordinances about handguns, some don't allow. You shouldn't have to register the FA, yet.
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.58 caliber Enfield musket
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Small collection, once a month I take em out and clean, but haven't shot in over 10 years. I used to be a desert nowhere in San diego County to shoot unless you want to pay to shoot at a range.

I Just found out I can no longer purchase " new" magazines larger than 10 rounds even for my 22 in the state of California!!

Ruger 10/22 w/ Bushnell 8x40 scope
American Derringer DA38
Savage 311 Double Barrel double trigger 12 gauge.
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