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Question Windshield Washer Reservoir woes.....

I filled my reservoir yesterday only to stand there and watch it slowly run down my driveway....upon further investigation.....I find that it leaked down to just below the level of the pump today I was going to take the bottle out of the car to look for cracks....but found that my motor/pump was very loose in the bottle and I was easily able to move it up and down in the hole.....does anyone know if there should be play in that pump/motor or how I can stop it from leaking? I am at a loss with this.....the bottle seems to be in good shape...and the fluid seems to be leaking out the hole where the pump enters the bottle.....

Any help is appreciated......

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hmmm haven't really ever looked down there but i suppose there is a rubber grommet type seal maybe its cracked or just not seated right.
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Question Washer Fluid leaking

I just had the same thing happen to my HHR. I am going to look and see if the resevoir is cracked or if the pump is just loose.
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Me, too!

I had the same thing on my 2LT when I first bought it. I thought I was the only one it happened to! The fluid level went down, the rear washer didn't work and actually sometimes sprayed a bit in the front when I tried to make the rear one work. I believe the problem was a loose connection on a hose, possibly to or from the rear washer motor.
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I haven't looked, but is the pump held on with a plastic nut inside the reservoir? If so, it might have come loose.
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I had the same thing happen to me the night I hit a pothole hard enough to destroy one of my factory wheels. The hit was hard enough to "bounce" the pump out of the reservoir and it leaked so bad, I thought I had cracked my radiator. Mine is held in my the grommet and a recessed portion in my reservoir where a tab on the pump snaps in to
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check the contents of your washer fluid, I use DI water in my Washer jug as my fluid
is in no danger of Freezing In Florida Most of the time. If your using cheep washer fluid it may have chemicals that will soften your washer jug grommet its no big deal to replace if you can find one thru chevy or the aftermarket. I like to use Di Water because it will not leave marks on my paint. I will add a couple ounces to my jug every once in a while just to keep stuff from growing in the Jug. If you like to use only washer fluid just plane on every so often replacing some minor parts every now and then.
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When I had the same problem, it turned out that the pump & bottle were both broken in the accident that CarFax had Forgotten to report until after my purchase. But, it was covered under warrantee. Took 2 weeks to order parts, 3 visits to the dealer ...etc.
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dont you love getting screwed by Carfax and Autocheck, I bought a sweet 04 GTO that I thought was wrecked and I was assured by the dealership and Autocheck that the car was clean, 18 months after owning it I traded it in on my new HHR to find out that it has a bad Carfax the first owner biffed the frontend.
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my jug leaks where the pump goes into the water jug. how do u repair this or just stop the leak ?
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