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Thermostat rip off.

I had the temp gauge flatline problem that also killed the AC compressor and the remote. I think it was a P0128 code. I ordered the temp sender and managed to get it swapped out. It didn't solve the problem, so the next item would be the thermostat. Because of having not so flexible and somewhat painful joints I decided to let the dealer do the job. So replacing an AC Delco unit ended up costing me $191. $63 for the thermostat which goes for $14 on Rock Auto and $113 in labor plus shop supplies, taxes, etc.
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Ouch, that hurts. To take a tiny bit of the sting away, the ACDelco thermostat is $30 on rockauto.

ACDELCO 131158 Thermostat | RockAuto
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Pretty expensive for 2 bolts, maybe they exchanged the DexCool too? You would not want the $14 unit, it would fail quickly.

The t-stat is the first suspect in a P0128.
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I found the post in here after I had replaced the sending unit. The one that explained why GM turns off your AC and your remote so you won't ignore an engine that is running cooler than normal. Apparently a cold engine has higher emissions than a warm one.
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With a 10 mm socket and an extension with a 3/8 ratchet wrench, it's a five minute job.
Sorry you, couldn't have stopped by here , I'd have changed it for you. That stat is not the $14.00 one.
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I've made a naughty habit of calling my local dealer and getting a quote on a job right after I complete it; they wanted over 1000 to replace the two LCA's, and wanted over 500 for replacing the radiator fan, which I did in under 30 minutes. 250 for the fan (which I got for 50) and 250 for labor. Kind of ridiculous. Cant remember what they said for struts, but im sure it was way higher that the 250 I spent in parts. I hope they properly burped and filled the coolant system when they replaced that T-Stat. Go back and look at your receptor the part number for the T Stat, I doubt its the correct 180 degree AC DELCO unit for only 14 bucks. Im sorry you are not in the best physical condition to complete the job, and I think sometimes shops and dealers taker advantage of that. They should have at least given you a discount or something.
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