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Supercharge the HHR?

Hey guys, im currently thinking about supercharging my HHR. It has the 2.2 motor. I don't have much experience or don't know to much about a supercharge set up so I was hoping I can receive some much needed help here. I have found a Eaton m62 for $225 that's almost brand new. My questions are:
$225 sounds really cheap, what should I be looking out for?
What should I be looking for when im shopping around for a supercharger?
What are all the components I'll need?
Any other good things to know I would appreciate the help!

Here is that m62 for 225, what do you think?
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Search the site here sir, there are a couple of ppl supercharging and have assembled kits. Welcome to the site.
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Welcome to the site ShaniV, a few guy's have done it they should be along shortly.
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Welcome to the Site
I was considering very seriously supercharging my 2.4
as mentioned above a couple guys here have done it.
They should be along soon.
Welcom to the site Tons of info here
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You will end up spending about 2500 after it is all said and done. ZZP has all the parts/kit but the problem with the 2.2 is the you will have to have trifecta do it for some $$$.
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Hi there, welcome to the forum. Im working on it myself right now, as well as a couple local cobalt owners.
There is a lot of information on, including parts lists, but the hhr engine bay is a little different, especially if you have an auto transmission. Im working on the custom intake right now.
I am going with a good local hpt tuner, as the system now supports 2008 2.2 ecu.
Its a lot more work than you might think.
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Thanks everyone glad to be part of all the like minded people here.
$2500.. Really.. Ouch. I was thinking of finding good used parts to put it all together. I'm in no rush but I am limited in funds that's why when I saw the m62 for cheap I really considered it, I figured that's one of the most expensive parts of the project. Or is this not a good way to go? And it is a 5 speed.
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Doing it on my 2.4 automatic.

Check that M62 out, they were made/setup for Different cars, that don't look like the Cobalt one to me. It's gotta bolt to the intake manifold that fit our engines. You'll need that intake as well to bolt the supercharger on. I just noticed, it says > "Make GMC"

ZZP sells a "kit" but piecing one together yourself can save you several hundred over buying the Kit.

But you gotta find the used or new parts to save. I just bought used parts as I found them. I'm in no real hurry to install mine, just putting my kit together and Polishing the supercharger and other parts. When I get to it, I get to it.

You'll need to get 2 gauges as well. one is about $200.00 for it, the other is only 50-60.00.

A Tune, I am planning on getting the HPTune software Pro set.

This is the Cobalt/Saturn M62.

Name:  f51a7ba0.jpg
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Size:  6.1 KB

Name:  31707f07.jpg
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Size:  6.0 KB

Just make sure the one your looking at is the right one , I have no idea if other M62 configurations will work, or if that one IS a M62 or not.

Name:  74214a60.jpg
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Name:  72838ce0.jpg
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Name:  e302d1f3.jpg
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Name:  1086a1aa.jpg
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Name:  63765f82.jpg
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Name:  08269b40.jpg
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Name:  620c5576.jpg
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Name:  33685455.jpg
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Name:  338f9379.jpg
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Or the Kit.

Name:  d0023db5.jpg
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Howdy, so who has seen, driven, heard of a , knows a guy that, has info on a ZZP setup in his HHR? You see, I too would like to charge my ride, a 2011 panel. Homework is everything
I'd use trifecta myself.
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