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How to remove doors for speaker install... anyone know?

I searched for awhile and no luck... maybe I didnt search hard enough.

I want to change the speakers in my 07 HHR but does anyone have step by step how to remove the front and rear doors?

I just have the standard system in there but I know that I would notice a small difference with a speaker upgrade even without an amp...

Thanks in advance!
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I was an installer for 10 years and I never removed a door. I'm confused, why do you want to remove the doors?
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Yes, you do not have to remove the doors to install a speaker.

You just have to remove the inside paneling. Most cars have the inside panel attached by only a few screws that are discretely covered over... but once those screws are removed, the panel comes off in seconds.

I did it myself on my old jeep when I replaced my front door speakers.

I haven't looked at the doors on my HHR though so I am not sure where the screws may be; or if that is in fact exactly how you need to remove that inside panel on an HHR. But just spend some time looking over the inside panel of your door and you'll figure it out. It doesn't take long to remove them!

HOWEVER; as you take it off and start to pull it away from the door frame, watch the wiring inside it very closely, you don't want to accidentally pull out the wires to your power locks/windows or whatever. When I did it on my jeep, the wiring went into a unique little plug that "snapped" into a socket inside the door. I had to unplug it from the socket to get the panel off completely.
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If you are trying to remove the door panels you will need to pop off the cover behind the inside chrome door handle with a small screwdriver, there is a torx screw hiding behind there. There are also two torx screws under the rubber insert in the door pull. On the side of the door panel by the latch there is a small plug button looking piece that needs removed. Once all these screw are removed the door panel can be pulled away from the door. There are about 8 retainers holding the door panel in place. Starting from the bottom pull the panel away from the door (this will require some force) be careful not to break the plastic retainers. It is probably best to use a trim remover tool (looks like a screwdriver with a slot on the end for pulling the retainers away from the door) example image The retainers are in two pieces. On piece stays in the door and the other goes into these pieces. Insert the puller between these two pieces and pry free. On the top of the door there are 4 metal clips that hold the top of the door panel. Lift the panel straight up to free the panel from these clips. Make sure when you reassemble the door the top strip on the inside of the panel is inserted in these clips.

This should give you access to the speakers. You won't have to remove any wires if you are careful and just move the panel out of the way
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Ditto-but keep in mind that the panals will not be totally removed-the wires are still connecting the locks, and the door handle is still connected. But there is enough room to change the speakers. AND be very careful when you reassemble to make sure the top piece clips are in position before you push it into place. It took me several attempts-it is a tight fit around the window channel.
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wow removing the door lol
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Hey, I pulled a door to run new speaker....wires, that is.
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i almost did that too after you told me about that in my thread, but i ended up not lmao
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