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how can i raise front end

hi picked up a used '09 . but I want to level the front (raise it 2 inches)
been looking for a strut spacer that would work but no luck . any thoughts
other than air kits. maybe a longer strut can be used
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Most people around these parts lower the rear with cobalt SS springs, to "level" the ride...never seen anyone raise the front

Welcome! btw
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A similar question was raised a couple of years ago (but might have wanted more ground clearance for back roads or off-road(???) - the general consensus was no (and suggested the person maybe looking at a pickup).

No, there are not any longer struts made for them.
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Struts wouldn't help anyway the car sits on the springs.
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I don't suggest this and wouldn't advise it because of safety reasons, but........ How about a 2 inch spacer under the strut springs? It would most likely need to be custom made.
It would also probably screw up the alignment.
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Camber bolts would probably allow it to be aligned.
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The fun part would be dealing with a revised front end geometry. Caster, camber, and toe would all be affected to certain degrees.

Your best bet as mentioned above, would be to lower the rump down for a level front to rear stance.

Or go with an air bagged suspension of some sort, do a Search for the member called "lunchbox" he's the in-house expert on bagged HHR's

P.S. to the forum!
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A member in Florida is trying to sell his front air struts, look him up!
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thats what the old heritige would do giving the classic gasser look, if i found a strut that fit but was longer i would give it a try,there are many spacers out there but none of them fit. merry christmas !
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If you really want to do this, the way to do it is probably with a spacer plate at the the strut top/shock tower. These things usually need to be custom-machined, but it's not complicated. It's a ring with three holes in it. If needed, you can also replace the studs in the top mount with longer ones.

This approach is like lifting the Body, so there should be no geometry changes or goofy alignment. I have seen it done on rears of Mac strut cars, and believe it should work on our fronts. I wouldn't want it, but that is one way to do it.
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