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Correct Oldblue.
I guess it's just the angle of our picture(s) that can be misleading. One coil wrap on one end of the front springs is a little smaller.
Here's a different angle shot.
SPRING question.-100_3292.jpg
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It's been 5 years since I installed the Canucks but I do recall the smaller top winding.
Now according to Don's compatible chart, it's a matter of install and hope for the best!
In the OP's case I'd order front springs for a diesel model as the spring rate should be higher
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I was thinking diesel too. But, I don't know why? It is the same block, same frame probably the same weight.

Do remember that early on the Cobalt front springs did not work on HHR, but HHR works on Cobalt.
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So i need to tell in the shop the measurment of the oryginal spring so the shop can find the correct one cause the springs have different hights.

So the spring uses 14 mm steel wire
Its: 153 mm wide on the bottom
High: 314 mm ? Zafira - 310 mm / Vectra C - 304 mm

My springs are the oryginal ones but they are used by milage and years so they are 10-15mm lower (on the workshop the computer said the are used by 25%)

And whats more interesting on Polish market there are rear springs that are recomended for cars with LPG!, i was wondering why, and the outcome is that the LPG tank weights ~60kg and the fuel another 50 kg so the back so the car is always ~+70/+80kg on rear axle. Im learning every day something new


Zafira springs front:

Photos from local auctions portal not my
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Well those front springs, there is a smaller coil wrap on top and on bottom. So they may not work.
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The work is finaly coming to and end.. yesterdays pics (sorry for the low res, mms compression)


the grille
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Your car looks really nice. I like the grille the most. Congratuations on your hard work and research. This is the place for help...

Did you get the ride height you wanted? I can't tell for sure if the rear is sagging low or not.
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