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Unhappy Your Worst Car or Truck Ever!!

A little something to provide some entertainment while we tool up for the HHR of The Year Contest.

Tell us about your worst Car or truck Ever! The one that made you mad enough to kill it, or cry, or both.
**This would be my Worst Car Ever, a 1982 Plymouth Reliant K**

It once made me so mad I punched it in the quarter panel breaking my wrist. And that was the culmination of a summer spent becoming a "Chrysler Jedi Knight" just to keep the bleeping thing running, it's easier to list what didn't break....the horn, that's it, the horn!
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Hmm, never had a car with major troubles!
Just the MG dealership back in 1973, could not figure out the problem with the electric fuel pump, it turns out the ground wire attached to the license plate bolt, so when the plates were installed the guy didn't put the wire back on the bolt correctly.

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I have only owned three cars in my life so far! a 1993 Ford Probe, a 1999 Chrysler Sebring Convertible and Gregg! I guess the Sebring was the "most problematic." Typical Chrysler Electrical problems.
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OOH-OOH; I know what the problem with the MG fuel pump was.....Lucas Electric!
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While I was replacing the rearend in my 72 Duster with a ford nine inch, I picked up a 70 Maverick to get back and forth to work and stuff.... Only Ford I ever owned. Man was that thing a piece of @%!&#(@.

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Nope Don , just a misplaced ground wire!
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My worst truck was a Brand New 1963 Chevy C10 Pick up I custom ordered and picked it up 3 days before my Wedding. I was Young and excited about both events but one of them went ...TU.....

The new truck was order with a New option, a 292cu in. I 6clyd. 3 speed tranny with column shift.

I soon found out that the engine had what I thought was a piston knock but it did not go away when it was warm. It didn't take long for the knock to irritate me big time so I called the Dealer and took it in for them to check out.
It was a new engine in the line and the service dept. had no info to draw on but they decided it was a piston and said they were going to tear it down and replace the bad one.
They gave me a loaner and said they would call when it was ready. 2 weeks went by and no call so I stopped by to see what they had done. They had actually replaced 2 pistons not being able to positively identify the culprit. The said when the started it up and drove it, the same knock was still there.
They said they had contacted Chevrolet for help and were waiting for there advise on what to do next.
They finally called and said they were going to have to check all the rod bearings.
That took another week and then they called and said the bearings looked fine so when they advised Chevrolet they said go ahead and replace the engine. Well that being a new engine option meant that it would take at least 3 weeks or more to get one.
I said I'll wait as I am not happy with this the way that it is.
It turned out to be a month to get the new engine and another week to install as they only had one mechanic that did engine removal and replace.
They finally called me and said it's ready to go, so I went over to get it and the minute I drove off I could hear the same knock.
I drove back and took a mechanic for a drive and asked him why they did not tell me it still had the knock. He said Because Chevrolet said that this was going to be the last attempt to fix it.
I said that didn't fix it so now what ???
He said I should talk to the Dealership owner but he is not here right now and you should make an appointment.
So Much For Buying A Brand New Truck !!
I looked under the hood and it was half way beat up from all the work they had done.
I was furious and made the appointment.
When I went in to meet with the owner he actually was peaceful and friendly to me, and started right off with Well Jim, I heard what you have been thru and I would like to make it right for you.
What would you like us to do ?
I was so taken by surprise I did not have an answer ready so I said, I want to think on it a bit and I will get back to you.
When I contacted him I said I would like to order a New 1964 C10 with the New option a 283 V-8 and a 3 speed. tranny. He said its going to take a while before we can order and then a while longer because of the new engine option ... are you willing to wait?

You bet I am and I'll just keep driving the one I have until it gets here, but what about the pricing?
He said it will be billed to you at the same deal as what you have, with the difference in the V-8 engine and we will take back your 1963 and give you full credit minus the mileage driven.

About 5 months later I picked up my New 1964 truck and never looked back. It turned out that the Worst truck turned into the Best truck at that time in my life.
The 64 had a lot more power and ran quiet and smooth at speed and at idle.

About a year later I decided to build a Myself a Camper and I wanted to put it on a 3/4 ton so as it turned out I sold the 64 to a good friend and ordered a New 1965 C20 and placed an order for the first C20 truck delivered in my then State of Washington to have a 327 cu. V-8. Powerglide Tranny. Built in the Fremont Cal. Plant and it took 3months to get.

Much later my friend called to tell me that the 64 had just crossed the 200,000 mile mark and the engine had never been apart.

All's well that ends well.....

P.S. I found out later the problem was the crank/camshaft gears were both metal on the 292.

The 250 6 standard engine had a metal gear and a fiber gear and ran quiet.

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I was 16 and it was early 1978.

'73 Chevy Vega GT. Looked like a hot rod to me. It was the brightest orange you can imagine, then I blacked out the front nose and rear of the body.
Also painted the door handles, had the darkest tint you could get and the wheels were black with chrome beauty rings.

The interior was perfect, if you could call brown plaid seats and baby puke yellow carpet perfect.
Amazing Sparkomatic hi-fi sound system, WITH AUTOREVERSE CASSETTE PLAYER and 4 triaxial speakers, maybe 5-10,000 watts according to the box?

Ran like a ruptured dog. 0-60 time was in the 20+ second range and top end was a terrifying 85MPH or so.
I had to add a quart of oil to the crank every gas fill-up. My brother called it the "clown car."

I paid cash for it (earned mowing lawns, etc.) and I shored myself up by saying "At least it isn't a Yugo!"
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And I really liked the looks of the Vega, but what unmitigated disasters they were, GM really buggered things up bigtime

You know the joke Oldblue.....

Q: Why do the British drink warm beer?
A: Lucas refrigerators.

Ba dump ching! Thanks folks, I'll be here all week!

And don't forget to tip your waiter.
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I thought it was 'cause the fridge was full of mutton!
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