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Miles on an Oil Change

I'm curious: How many miles do you normally get out of an oil change if you're someone who listens to the DIC. I listen to my DIC for oil changes, and I regularly get 10,000+ miles using regular engine oil, not synthetic. I've gotten as high as 13,000 miles in the past. Is this normal?? I don't really mind myself, the more time between oil changes the less I spend on them. But is that many miles on an oil change hard on the engine? I don't want to cause any permanent damage? What do you usually get yourself?? I know I've heard you're supposed to change your oil at least once a year, but mine never lasts that long anyway because of the amount of driving I do.
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I try and go no more than 5,000 miles on an oil change. Yes it's been more before, but no more. And the full synthetic, you get what you pay for. It makes the motor last a lot longer in my opinion.
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With my driving I average about 7000-7500 miles before I reach the 5% mark on the OLM.
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I go 15,000 a year on the same oil, changing the filter halfway through, using synthetic. DIC must be reset, but usually reads about 10% left at 7500 miles for me, which can be considered all stop & go traffic.
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oil change

I change every 3000 miles and use Mobil 1 always have on all my cars in the past cheap insurance. I only put about 5000 miles a year since I retired 12 years a go.
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every 3 months or 3000 whichever comes first and fully synthetic since day 1
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I follow the manufacturers recommendations and DIC.. I'll get 8000-12000 when the DIC gets to about 10% using M1. I do lots of highway driving.
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about 8-9k on both HHRs, one has 90k other has 38k, both 2006; full synthetic since the first change
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I'm still old school....every 3-4K and use NON synthetic.
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I have 4,000 miles on this oil change and the indicator shows 75%. I am going to change at 5,000 miles. Use Valvoline 10W-30 conventional oil.

Has anyone done an used oil analysis on their oil when the indicator shows less than 25%? Curious to know if the oil is okay.
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