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Angry 2010 HHR LT2 With oil leak !!!!

I have had my 2010 HHR LT2 for 8 days only driven for five of those days
and my Imperial Blue Metalic HHR is at the chevy dealer with a oil leak!!!
at first they thought it was a Trans Leak but now they are telling me its
a oil leak. I am on day two without my ride.
Oh by the way they sent me home with out a rental as this would be a easy fix. LOL
I noticed that this Car truck SUV what ever you want to call it, has no trans dipstick. I was told by the dealer that it had one, but the owners manual
states there is no reason to check the fluid if I find it leaking I should bring it in for service.no mention of a stick.
It would be nice to know if your fluid is burnt or low during a PM check.
I cannot wait until alldata comesout with updates that cover the 2010.
I dislike having the dealers work on my car even if it under warrentee.
they seem to half ass fix one problem while creating 6 others.
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Update on my trans-leak
I have been called many times by the dealer I guess yhey are trying to keep me up to date. They claimed yesturday that my leak was engine oil and not TransFluid.
it took them till today at 3pm to find it. They said it was leaking oil from a plug or seal
on the cylinder head. of course they had to order the part. so its too early to tell if this will infact fix my New Baby. It pains me to think that these guys more than likely
have hung every part know to man on my poor car. I hope they get it fixed and they
havent messed something else up while doing it.
I seem bitter because in 04 I bought a new Chevy Colorado and the dealer gave me the first oil change free. well they got the work done fast but wrecked my new truck pulling it out of the garage. it took them 3 paint jobs and 2 months to get my truck back
and it never looked right again. So I am braced for the worse, I guess I have the right to be concerned as it seems hard if not impossible to get what you pay for nowadays.
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For us mechanic types,what plug or seal are they talking about? Reason for asking is it could be a simple fix or a major repair.Just curious.
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Cam cover plug
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I am also Curious, and a Mechanic, Infact I also worked at one time for this same dealership, I have only been able to talk with the service writer and he has been
lest than forth coming as to what they have done. or what the exact part is that they found leaking, I guess I will find out when I get it back.
When working for Mistsubishi I was issued a Montero fix that was also new and had been to three dealers to repair. I was blown away when I found out what was wrong with it. I found that the cam seal was leaking under the timing cover which was not unusual so I went about my bussiness to replace it but something told me to look at it carefully so I did. Once I got it apart and made sure all the timing marks were lined up
I pulled out the old seal and found nothing wrong with it so I broke out my mirror and flash light and checked out the sealing area around the cam and I found a one in a million air bubble that was in the casting right at the sealing portion of the cam.
no one believed me until I pulled the cam. three different dealers and none of them found the leak in fact none of them had ever pulled the timing cover.
I hope my repair is less eventful. Wish me luck.
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Good luck on that deal,

No HHR w/auto has a dip stick.. But neither do certain other cars either. Like some BMWs' have done away with it too..

To me, it just seems a way to get it back to the dealer $$$
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Today I was updated that my oil leak was without a doubt the back cam plugs.
I seems weird that a GM dealer would not stock these parts they seem to be easy to find at any parts store. I dont know much about the 2.4 in my HHR however I cannot imagine that other 2.4s without the VVT would have differant plugs. anyways they claim I will have my ride back. with no leaks, a new rim as one was peeling chrome allready,
shiny paint with teflon on it and no fallout. I had them look into the fuel mileage however I am sure they did nothing with that. If all goes well tommoro I will be a happy camper.however I am bracing myself for what the F%^# did you do to my new car!!LOL
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I pick up my HHR today they had it five days I am not sure if the leak is fixed or not.
I cleaned out the garage I should know in the am.
They didnt give me paper work to show what what repaired they claim I will get that in the mail. I looked under the hood and I could not see that anything had been disturbed
or replaced. while they had it the replaced my LR rim but they Took it off another new car. I found out on the way home they didnt match the rim to the car and on the way home my Air pressure light came on and the panel showed sensor error,
the wheel was also blanked out on the display. It would appear I get to do their job for them and match the rims again. I am not sure how I will do this as I dont have a nitrogen compressor. some how they managed to put a ball point pen mark across my leather steering wheel, and scratched the hell of my paint. god I hate dealers and
their pos mechanics you cannot seem to have anything nice not even for a week.
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