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Winter tires?

Okay all, I know this has been discussed, but I need to ask it again to get some good responses. I will have to drive the HHR SS in the snow a bit this year as my Jeep is getting some major upgrades. I hope to only have to do this for half a winter season.

What are the best tires for ice, snow, and pavement performance? basically a good all around tire if I use the stock rims.

Second idea, what are some cheap rims/all season tires to use if I don't use the stock rims? How small of rim size is useable with '08 non-brembo brake setup?

Let the info fly please
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I use the one's that came with the car. I live in "the snow belt."
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Just read the threads already posted.

You will get the Blizak people who want nothng less and then you get the Triple Tread believers that never have a problem and better wear.

The truth is the HHR is pretty good in the snow as long as you don't push snow with the front bumper. I use the Triple Treads on 16 inch wheels and never had ain issue in the heavy snow of northern Ohio. Also great wear!

Just get a cheap steel wheel or aftermarket is you have no Brembo's 16 inch will do. As for tires take your pick few are bad as if you can't drive an SS in the snow you should not be on the road. You have traction control, stabiity control and anti lock brakes. You should be able to use anything with these aids.

The main reason I change is I don't want my good wheels in the crap getting nicked up. With the Goodyears it was like a tank and just klept on rolling.

Note I live in the snow belt and in the town where most of the people here work for tire companies. Few mess with winter only tires and these are the guys who design them. You see them but they are rare.
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I also live in Omaha and I drove my SS last winter with the stock tires. No problems.
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Most people relate snow tires to a preventive measure from getting stuck in the snow, which isn't where the most significant benefit is derived. Where the rubber meets the road (pardon my pun) is in the safety factor of improved stopping and better skid control. And in reality, (if you exclude the general faster wear factor of snow tires) the cost of mounting or use of spare rims is your only real additional expense, since you're going to wear down either your current tires or your snows during the winter driving anyways. With the net cost then being very marginal (except for the up front purchase expense) why wouldn't everyone use them? In the province of Quebec, where they truly respect winter, snow tires are not an option, but mandatory on every vehicle. The regulation wasn't put in place because the government was concerned about people getting stuck in the snow but like seat belts mandated as a safety requirement that too many people tend to ignore or fail to appreciate.
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as stated above! I got a set of 16" ones via Tire Rack. It happened they had some nice looking aluminum wheels on sale for only about $15 a pop more than the plain steels. You can't go too wrong with most of whats out there. I went with General Altimax Arctic. As far as I'm concerned snows are mandatory if you are out there on a regular basis. Go with 16s, they are cheaper, and having a second set of wheels saves your expensive tires, rims, as well as lets you rotate when you put them back. Swapping tires on and off wheels is a pain-you have to go somewhere, re-balance, potential for damage, etc. You can swap yourself at home for free in 1/2 hr.
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I have all season tires and I don't even slip on the ice. BTW, a 4 WD Tahoe sits on top of these tires.

Just being funny.

I did drive the SS last winter and I had many troubles navigating the roadways with the stock tires. Wide tires and snow fall do not work well together. This is more true since Michigan slowed up with plowing.
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Thanks for the info guys. Also, i drove it once in the snow last year, and had a tremendous amount of issues keeping control of it in less than an 1" of wet snow. Not worried about getting stuck.I have lived with snow all my life, but this thing is the worst for wet slush type snow. Maybe i have been absolutely spoiled with my jeep that past few years, but even our Honda accord does way better than the HHR. I am serious when i say that the least bit of ice or wet snow causes serious control issues. My driveway is flat and I spun out whenever I tried to take the HHR out to test it's ability to drive in snow. Hence the reason it was only caught once in the snow.

I will look for some 16's and some tires. Sounds like the best way to go and still have my stock wheels and tires ready for spring. thanks again

Hope the Jeep gets done early :) the new 33" M/T tires will be nice :)
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