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How To: Front hub replacement

this worked for 2006 2LT(should be the same for all)

1-jack up front of vehicle-set on jack stands

2-remove lug nuts-remove wheel
VERY IMPORTANT! test fit the new hub's bolt pattern in to your wheel to make sure they gave you the right one!

3-disconnect ABS tone ring sensor(if equipped)

4-un-clip sensor wire from locking clip location on the strut and let hang free.

5-remove 2 x 15mm bolts that hold entire caliper assembly to spindle(no reason to remove caliper had with pads from caliper bracket). slide caliper-with pads intact-off of rotor. set aside(dont let it hang by brake hose).

6- slide brake rotor off of hub assembly.

7-remove axle retaining nut and mating washer(a small magnet or pick-tool will help you retrieve the washer)

8-remove 3 x 15mm bolts that hold the hub assembly to the spindle(from the rear. ok to rotate steering to gain easier access to them)

9-Pull axle away from hub(pull towards transmission) and pull hub assembly out of spindle, towards you. route the ABS sensor wire(if equipped) through the axle hole. be sure you also remove the 3-hole plate that comes out with the hub. you will re-use this on your new hub.

THAT'S IT! your old hub is out. visually compare your new hub to the old hub. if it is correct, do the reverse to install the new hub.

1-route ABS wire(if equipped) through the axle hole in the spindle.

2-position hub splines on axle shaft and inset hub in to spindle. Be sure to rotate and align the 3-hole plate with protective shelf towards the ABS sensor plug.

3-install the 3 x 15mm bolts that mount the hub to the spindle.

4-install the NEW axle retaining nut.

5-connect the ABS connector(if equipped) and clip in to the locking tab on the strut bracket.

6- slide the brake rotor back on to the new hub flange.

7-slide the brake caliper back on to the brake rotor, and align with the 2 bolt holes. Install the 2 x 15mm bolts.

8-install the wheel and lug nuts.

9-take vehicle off jack stands and let it back down on the ground.

double check your work to make sure you did not skip any steps.

Get5 in vehicle and BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, pump up the brake pedal!

That is it.
these steps work for either LEFT or RIGHT side of the vehicle for the FRONT HUB assembly.

If you have the simple mechanical knowledge, enough to comprehend what you just read, you can do this job yourself. The "book time" for this job is .6 hours...that is from driving on to a rack to driving off, and using air tools.

I completed this job today in 15 minutes, and had never so much as looked at the parts before today. I replaced my LF hub due to the loud "4x4/mudder/truck tires" sound my HHR had.

It was in fact the hub, which I ordered thanks to you folks here.
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The new axle nut should be torqued to 155 ft lbs. (perhaps someone could verify that for me, I'm not 100% sure)
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Great How-To!! A lot of people will make use of this one.

And Correct wmsburghhr!! Front axle nut = 155 lb ft

Other related ones:
Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly mounting bolts - 85 lb ft
Bolt, Brake Caliper - Front - 40 lb ft
Bolt, Brake caliper - Rear - 32 lb ft
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I was going to snap pictures, but once again, the job was so quick and simple, it wasnt worth the time because there are literally 2 caliper bolts, 3 hub bolts, and 1 axle essence, there are an equal amount of lug nuts as there are bolts to remove.

thanks for the proper torque specs guys. I forgot to add those(forgot what they were)

took the car out again last night...what a difference.
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So simple a Caveman could do it.

Nice write up and thanks for the help you have given!
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Smoke Wagon- Good write up !!! Thanks.

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Thanks for the write up very good to know!! and thanks for the torque specs
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I only have simple household tools. How do I measure the torque need for the bolts?
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Going to need a torque wrench, try to borrow one, or see if your local auto parts store has a rental program. Proper torquing is vital when you're talking suspension components, like hub nuts, having one come loose would really ruin your day.
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Front wheel bearing replacement

If you have all the tools this takes about 45 minutes to do on each side. I originally thought it was road noise from the tires but did some reading and found out the wheel bearings are known to go early. I also found out Chevy has a 100k warranty on them so if you start hearing humming noise resembling road noise have them replaced.
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