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Post 5000 Mile Checkup

Hello everyone,

I purchased my HHR last October used from a local CarMax outfit with only 81 miles on it. I am now nearing the first 5000 mile and want to get a goot checkup based on the recommendation from Chevy. This is what I found in my neighborhood. Does this seem complete as I don't know much on what to check on cars or does it seem a good start for me. I really like the vehicle and was happy this morning to find the website and sign up.


Change Oil
Rotate Tires
Preform emmission control service, remove and clean crankcase vent valve
Lubricatre suspension, steering linkage, transaxieshift linkage underbody contact points and linkage.
Visually check for leaks or damage
Inspect brake system
Visually inspect brake lines and hoses fro proper hookup,
bindings, leake, cracks chafing, etc.
Inspect disc, brake pads, for wear or cracks
Inspect other brake parts, including drums, wheel cylinders,
calipers, parking brake, etc.
Check parking brake alignment.
Check engine coolant level and windshield fluid level, add fluid as required.
Check for additional serives REQUIRED by mileage.
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Only if your doing all this yourself.......
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to the Jim!

What you've described there is called "Maint 1" or "Service 1" by GM dealers, its a service menu item that's one step above the normal oil change and 27 point inspection.

As solman pointed out, you can do everything yourself, or if its more convenient to have a Chevy dealer do it, expect to pay between $45 and $55.
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Well folks, the OP's profile list his/her car as being a 2010 model. So the car is 2+ years old.
Based on the stated mileage at purchase time and presently, I would say this car has spent most of it's early life just sitting around. Although not a bad thing, we do know that non-use over an extended period can bring up some odd little issues.
I would suggest a trip to the dealer or your own mechanic for a good bumper to bumper once over. Oil change, filter etc. recommended.
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Sae your money and do it all yourself..there are no chassis/suspension lube points...unless you count sqirting them with WD40...at 5k you should be nowhere near having any problems..but of course the local dealer would "LovE" the business, easy money
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Or,... It really kills me to say this. go to the local tire store for a rotate & balance, they will automatically do the "sell you services inspection". If you go to a GM dealer they will also flush your "electric" power steering fluid, at least mine wanted to.

Basically this is an inspection designed to sell "optional" services, Shops love people that follow the letter of the law.
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