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2.2L Performance Tech 16 valve 143 hp EcoTec with 150 lb-ft of torque

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In this case the autoignition point is more relevant, since we are not talking a flame or spark.
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Just so this donít happen!

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Well, hereís what led me to that conclusion.
I got home after driving a while, so the engine was hot when I opened the hood.

I made a bracket out of galvanized steel and mounted it with my hands using a few bolts in the existing holes in the front left corner of the engine compartment so I would not have to drill anything.

I mentioned using my hands to install the bracket because thatís when I started burning my arms against the engine! lol

So instead of trying to get a wrench in there and keep burning my arms, I decided to leave the can partially mounted to the bracket which was partially mounted to the car and come back later when it was cool.

So I waited a while (not that long) and came back out to the car. I grabbed hold of the can and attempted to finish the install. That is when I realized the can had gotten as hot as the engine felt when it was burning my arm.

Thats when I decided to take it out and not risk fire damage, and it remained warm for quite a while sitting in the house, like a heat sink.
That has also been why I havenít ordered those cool looking billet aluminum oil caps either, as people complain about them getting burning hot in comparison to the plastic stock one???
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Originally Posted by donbrew View Post
In this case the autoignition point is more relevant, since we are not talking a flame or spark.
True, true... but... even if there were a flame or a spark, it still wouldn't catch fire! unless the flame was over 400* F.

So if there happened to be an engine fire, and it burned the hoses off your can, you may have a very small fire burning in your can. Very, very small, because it's mostly water in there. And by that time, your car would be engulfed anyway.

Gio, you've got nothing to worry about. But the can would function better if cooler.
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