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Originally Posted by aradmahogany View Post
Dead thread revival, but Hurricane Irma got me thinking about Octane. Since Greggs Manual recommends 91 and above (2.4 engine), that is all he has gotten for the past 4 years. Since the storm I experimented and downgraded to 89 and could not believe it. My mileage has been going UP. I really have no explanation of why.
I think you will be fine with the 89 octane. When I had my '06 2.4, I like you, used 91 octane for a good number of years. I switched to 87 for some period of time, probably 1-2 years, then switched to 89. I never noticed any difference in performance or mileage from the 91, so I stayed with it. Did I have better performance with the 89 over the 87........maybe, but butt dyno's are pretty subjective.

The friend who purchased my HHR, uses 87 and 89. He also says he recognizes a little better performance over the 87. He now has about 110,000 miles on it and it still runs and operates well.

Best of luck to you and Greg.
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I am saving quite a bit running 89 instead, because here in good old FLA there are only three choices of gas 87,89, and 93, which means the proce difference between 87 and 93 is right around 70 or so cents a gallon! switching to 89 saves roughly 30 or so cents a gallon, $4.80 per tank, and judging by my average yearly mileage of 30,000, about 390 bucks a year in savings on gas! That saving would double if I dropped down to 87, but I dont want to "risk" it. maybe in another 4 years XD. Still performs the exact same on 89 as he did with 93, and still get that nice VVT pull at around 4,000 RPM when passing. LOVE IT.
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2009 2LT 2.4, 1000# tow package, with 3:91 final drive, pulling a 16' boat almost daily, right around 750#, I have run 91 octane w/ no ethanol, and 87 octane ethanol,,, my anti ping sensors are working right with my VVT, and the rest of my ECM and components as I have found no reason to run anything but 87 octane. over 13,000 miles this year from pulling a trailer to an 80 to 90 mph solo trips running from Ohio thru the Smokey Mountains to WV, NC, SC, GA, I just have to call it what it is, and 87 octane is what my 2.4 w/tow package prefers,,, or at least runs as good as it does on anything else!
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2011 LT... managed 33.9 on a road trip for quite a stretch. If any hills or passing it wont happen for me and barely touches 30mpg.
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Right now averaging about 21 city, and best I have gotten is 31.4 highway. ZZP Tune now
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Average of 25mpg, with mixed driving. Hptuned ss.
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22 in the city and took my first 3 hour road trip in the HHR over the weekend and got the DIC to touch 34.1 briefly before rain & traffic.
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I averaged 28mpg driving 50 miles each way to a job for a month- all highway/interstate and only 5 stop lights, which I usually only got caught by half of them- tire pressure was 38psi.
I also got 16mpg towing a 1200 lb camper on a 2500 mile trip- at 62 mph
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Originally Posted by PittKrewBowling View Post
22 in the city and took my first 3 hour road trip in the HHR over the weekend and got the DIC to touch 34.1 briefly before rain & traffic.
Forgot to mention - there were about a dozen bowling balls on board as well LOL
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I have been freed (somewhat) from having to putter around this little town all the time and my average has crept up from 22 to 24. The added backroad driving and a little highway is making the difference.
At 49mph on a back road for miles the DIC was claiming 39, steadily. I was pretty impressed. That's better than two of the motorcycles I've had.
At 74mph (on the flat) I get about 34. I put in some 89 octane as a test (always ran 87) and I think the little bugger likes it better. Seems to run very well.
I'll run 89 from now on.
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