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It was my understanding that Dexcool did not live up to expectancy as far as it's ability to prevent corrosion. Not a problem if you are the type who flushes and changes antifreeze every 2 to 3 years. Having previously owned a 1999 Cadillac Eldorado with a Northstar engine, there were and still are issues with Dexcool breaking down and causing steel and iron parts to corrode prematurely in these engines causing all manner of problems. Most of these premature problems were in engines which had never been flushed out every 3 years or 36,000 miles as Cadillac required.

As for me? soon I plan to flush out the Dexcool in my HHR and use Prestone or Peak.
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The Green stuff will not hurt it. It is like Syn oil and ok to ix it just it will reduce the long term value of the product since it is mixed with a lesser product.

In other words in a pinch you can do it but best to use the regular stuff.
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My 2007 of course came with it. In 10 years, it just had it flushed and changed for the 2nd time. So far no cooling system problems. I think the key is changing it every five years as recommended.
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there are way more horror stories about NOT using proper dexcool in a gm vehicle compared to using the generic stuff. I wouldnt use anything else except Dexcool

and regarding the Caddy with the Northstar engine, those things had issues all over the place, dont blame it on the coolant. That car/motor was a piece of crap
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I think it was the Northstar engine that accidentally got DexCool at the factory when they were switching over; the supervisors in the factory didn't read the bulletins when the new drums came in.
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They actually got the green stuff, the Nortstar was designed for Dexcool just like our little trucklets Ecotec engine
Because of that problem, Northstar Caddy’s were a dime a dozen.
Most of my local car lots would take them in trade and park them in the back row.
I would buy five or six a week and flip them to a dealer in Quebec.
I built a few nicer ones by converting to SBC and one to a BBC , that was a neat ride!
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Troof. I worked at D/Ham, processing Engine Dress during that time. The plant wasn't responsible. Engineering clowns that signed off on the DV owned that one.

If your coolant eats away the gaskets, it would normally be caught in Validation. Hello????? I am guessing it was either skipped or cut short. Could have been last minute ECRs, could have been tee time for the platform team.

But never blame the plant for swapping drums in early. Come on!

That's fake news.
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