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Question Check engine light came on today

I was on the highway today and my check engine light came on..I have a few mods, CGA intake and IMCO muffler and I'm running 1800 watts rms to 4 12" subs..I have the stock battery and a yellow top battery with 2 1.2 farad caps..I just changed from 880 watts rms and 2 12" subs Monday..

Do you think this is too much power draw for this car? Do you think it is the intake or just a sensor problem? Has anyone else had this problem?

I flipped the the breaker on the amps and disconnected the battery for 30 minutes and then I hooked the battery back up and the light did go off and did not come back on..The amps are still off..I don't want to hurt my car so I will leave them off untill I go to the dealership on monday..

I just want some feedback from you guys that have a system this big..So that I will feel safe hooking it back up..If you have alot power and your not having this trouble PLEASE let me know then I would feel better about hooking it back up..Thank you in advance for your help, Ron
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My check engine light came on when my gas cap was not on right.
When I took it to the Dealership and they told me that the gas cap was not on right I told them they were crazy but they were right this time. never had it come on since. I have 36,300 mile on it now and its will be 1 yr old since I purchased it on the 18th of this month. Its a great car.

Rudy (Z-Man) aka LLB
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Same here - the only CEL's I've had were from the gas cap being on loose after a fillup.
Been running the CGS for nearly a year - no lights from that. If you did, it would be a first.

Remove/replace your (gas) cap and take a few trips.
The computer will reset itself after about 100-miles (or several stop/start intervals).

Hope it helps,
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Don't have the system you do but I just picked up my HHR from the dealer yesterday due to the "check engine" light being on (along with the traction control light). They said it was my oxygen sensor.
Also had a problem with the car shaking at all speeds and not being able to get it to go over 45mph. They told me it was because of snow build up under the rear wheel wells!!! I've been driving in snowy Buffalo winters for over 20years and have never had that problem with a vehicle. The service guy told me they had 5 people come in with the same problem. Couple HHR's, Malibu's and a Cobalt. Snow melted while they were replacing the oxy. sensor and sure enough the shaking went away.
I've had my HHR for less than a year and it's been back to the dealer on an average of 2 times a month every month since I got it.
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Size:  4.6 KB to the site prs! Sorry to hear about your frequent visits to the dealer. What things have been the culprit? Start a new thread so we don't hijack this one.
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Sorry...didn't want to hijack this one. I posted all my problems here.
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I had the CEL come on this weekend while traveling. I called OnStar and had them run the remote diagnostic, it came back saying the engine recorded a mis-fire. I filled up on 93 octane gas and come home. Before I could even get to a Auto-zone to pull fault codes, the light went off.
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