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P2188 code

My 2008 hrr ss with 5 spd manual with around 70k just started throwing code p2188. I cleared a few times but comes back. No issues with how the car runs or performs that I can notice. Is this common with these cars and if so what is the usual fix? Thanks for your help... Wayne
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Searching with your code, it seems the usual culprit is a boost leak.

A few of the cars with this code had a K&N air filter, which has been known to cause problems. Get some MAF sensor cleaner, clean the MAF sensor, clear the code again. If it comes back, check for boost leaks.

Here's a link for making and using a homemade tester 2.0 LNF Engine Boost leak test a stock SS LNF. - Cobalt SS Network
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Here is some reading first


Now , don't jump in to fast! Conclusion jumped to , can be costly.
First off , keep it simple and do the inexpensive first, clean your MAF sensor, you'll need the correct spray cleaner for MAF's also whilst your at it clean your throttle body, please DO NOT move the butterfly plate manually, this could strip the plastic gears inside the drive motor.
You'll need throttle body cleaner.

Here are how to's

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I was curious if you figured this out. Many people say it's a boost leak, which it could be. I have an '08 Solstice and have been chasing this code for over a year now. So I thought I would post on other forums of cars that also use the LNF 2.0L turbo. I believe I have narrowed it down to my HPFP. I think it's leaking. Here is my post from another forum. I'm just trying to see if this is general consensus before throwing a $350 HPFP at my car! The '09 HHR SS should have the LNF motor just like my Solstice and the '09 and '10 Cobalt SS. So far nobody has really fixed the p2188 if it is anything other then a boost leak.

I have no boost leaks. I have other issues. It started with the p0101 and then the p2188 together. The p2188 is too rich at idle. My car is now approaching 80k and not many Solstice and Sky owners have that mileage yet. So my resources are limited on the Solstice/Sky forums. Let me give you what I have done and know about my issue....

I am dyno tuned by ZZP. I have IC piping and a Fujita CAI. I also have Solo Performance Street Race exhaust and a DDM silicone intake elbow, but no other real mods. When this first showed up I tightened all of the my t-bolts on my intake system. I have put several containers of Techron through the car. Which I might add gave my car a terrible issue because it seems to be tuned right at the edge of 93 octane. I also have a backfire issue on decel with the car in gear. It will bang several times on coast down after being on the gas. (Im thinking this might be carbon buildup on the intake valves) I have replaced the camshaft solenoids to get rid of the p0101, which it did. I have replaced my MAF sensor as the other was really erratic. I have pulled the connectors at the HPFP and cleaned them as I was told that the connectors corrode and cause an issue. I do have an erratic tick from the HPFP (I can post a video of this if needed). Its not consistent like it was several years ago. I still get this p2188 codeand its usually during coast down in gear. If I pull the car out of gear during coasting, the code never appears. I did smell the oil, and it does smell a bit like raw fuel. Ive been told it might be my HPFP

Any advice on this nasty p2188 code would be greatly appreciated!!!
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I don't know how replacing camshaft solenoids would have any effect whatsoever on the MAF circuit, Maybe the plug on the MAF needed a good jiggle.

Why not just monitor the fuel pressure?

Could be a bad MAF
Could be a bad #1 O2 sensor
Could be unmetered air
Could be a bad tune
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Hmm does it on enginebraking deceleration, that will load extra fuel into the mix, adjust your driving habits
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