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  1. Rust on the door – removal
  2. 2007 front wheel cover reattach
  3. Panel Mechanical Door Popper - Door Side
  4. Seat swap to Leather wirh Elec Seats - Questions Air Bag sensor
  5. Replacing the TPMS sensor battery
  6. HHR wiper linkage
  7. How to burp Cooling system.
  8. Timing chain kits
  9. Spammers and how to deal with them
  10. Fuse Box Follies (underhood fuse box information)
  11. Manual transmission replacement - 2008 2.2 LT1
  12. Heated side mirrors conversion with pics
  13. NEW Gallery
  14. Rear Wiper Mod
  15. How to fix sunroof deflector for 4 dollars
  16. Sway bar bushings?
  17. Remove and replace steering rack
  18. Install 1999 Chevy Blazer OverHead Console
  19. Teardown of the 4T40-E and 4T45-E Automatic Transmissions
  20. How to Upload and Add Pictures to your Post
  21. ATF and filter change
  22. J. Hunto's Garage - HHR Maintenance Videos
  23. Replacing the Oil Pressure Sending Unit
  24. Dropping Engine Cradle without a Lift
  25. How to replace engine air cleaner/filter
  26. Alternator replacement 25 minutes
  27. Removal of Rear axle bushings
  28. How to Drain(and Flush) Coolant - SS
  29. Simple GPS mount
  30. Use Factory Speaker Frame to Mount Aftermarket Speakers
  31. Dignosing the CAN bus
  32. How to fix your "wooly worm" (fresh air intake hose) for good
  33. ground locations
  34. Water pump replacement
  35. Easy duel horns
  36. How to reply to a thread (desktop site)
  37. How to start a new thread
  38. Water Diverter Fix
  39. How to Shell Blast Intake Valves - SS
  40. How to Remove Intake Manifold -SS
  41. How to Remove Stock Airbox - SS
  42. Generic "How-to Videos"
  43. FOUND: Rearview mirrors, don't put up with the dim yellow LED maplights!
  44. How to perform a leak down test (engine)
  45. HHR clutch replacement how to
  46. How to: Check a wheel hub bearing assembly
  47. How to repair worn clutch pedal arm
  48. 2006 HHR Shifter Photos
  49. HomeLink Install
  50. Replace Antenna Base
  51. Tightening Torque Values for Common Maintenance Items
  52. Replacing Vacuum Pump on SS
  53. Building an oil catch can for the SS
  54. Replacing a Direct Injection(DI) Fuel Pump
  55. 2010 HHR SS Adding turbo gauge to A pillar
  56. How to program your key fob using a Tech II
  57. How-To edit your signature
  58. The Tool I Use......
  59. Shifter stuck in Park fix
  60. Key stuck fix
  61. video-sway bar bushing replacement
  62. Fix storage bin latch
  63. What do I do now, I have a Check Engine Light
  64. oil pressure sender installation.
  65. Need third brake light access?-"How To" video here...
  66. 2008 HHR Donnley rear view mirror 7-pin wiring diagram
  67. Cabin Air Filter Change
  68. How To Remove Bumper Cover and Bumper Bar
  69. HHR Rear Dome Light will not Work
  70. Temporary Solution for non-working key fobs
  71. Cabin Air Filter? Well...duh!
  72. Good sound cheap.
  73. throttle body
  74. HHR clunk fix
  75. MAP sensor replacement
  76. How to convert to a LED 3rd brake light.
  77. Decisions I Use in Modifying and Tips on How to Do a Mod
  78. Not Baby Moons but small center incerts
  79. Homelink add on
  80. Some pics of fan replacement
  81. making your HHR recognize new radio
  82. SEARCH TOOL - at the top of each page - give it a try
  83. Tinting Headlights video - SS HHR used in video
  84. add LED courtesy lighting
  85. Mirror Switch Fix
  86. HOW TO: Rear Disc Brakes
  87. Install a hitch and transmission cooler
  88. YouTube Videos for various repairs
  89. How to take amazing pictures of your car(s)
  90. Building some projectors out of some Depo'd
  91. Parts Illustrations
  92. Timing chain tensioner replacement - fix engine rattle
  93. Door Lock Assembly Fix: Lots of Pics
  94. Removing & Re-Installing Exterior Door Handles
  95. EVAP Canister Vent Solenoid Valve Replacement
  96. Rocker Panel removal
  97. Replacing Lower Control Arms
  98. Make your own grill
  99. 3 hour Rusty door fix
  100. HOW TO: bypass valve spring replacement
  101. Steering Wheel Dissection - 2011 HHR
  102. Late night fix for an air cleaner housing bracket
  103. Air Lift (Drag Bags) HOW TO:
  104. How to fix broken interior door handle for less than $10
  105. How To: General Exterior Bulb Replacement
  106. Smoke out tail lights(how to)
  107. Inside door handle replace
  108. Led License Plate bulb install
  109. Chevrolet HHR Short Shifter Install DIY
  110. shift inter-lock repair/delete
  111. How To: Front hub replacement
  112. How To- Engine Basics
  113. HID INSTALL-Easy How To
  114. Running wires into doors
  115. Turn Signal Canceling Failure Fix: Lots of Pics
  116. How to remove a side skirt of a HHR SS???
  117. How To Fix a Cracked Front Bumper
  118. Fuel Pump Replacement
  119. Tail light mod
  120. LED Headlight How To
  121. Fuel Line w/dampener replacement...no more gas leak...
  122. '09 FACTORY FOG LIGHTS with Custom Install
  123. How To Change 2008 2.2L Knock Sensor
  124. fog light install
  125. How to: SS Grille on LT - Cut to fit -Two methods
  126. Casual HHR dress code. "Removed Bowtie"
  127. How to fix wiper transmission
  128. Install Trailer Hitch- Part 2
  129. Install Trailer Hitch- Part 1
  130. Install Trailer Hitch- Wiring
  131. $2.44 Stubby How-To
  132. How To: Replace your dash gauges w/ Black Cat Custom
  133. Remove Front Bumper and Swap Headlights
  134. How to repair flex pipe
  135. Power Steering Motor Replacement w/Pics
  136. Wolo Bad Boy Air Horn Install (dial up hating)
  137. Repair Key Fob Remote's worn out contacts
  138. How To: Remove your rear SS bumper & bumper reflectors
  139. Good Instructions with pics..Short Throw Shifter
  140. How to replace stock horn with 12V dual note horns
  141. Wanna Cover that Hole in Your Rear? Hitch Hole that is!
  142. Rear Shock How-to
  143. How To: Reset the Security System/Relearn a Key
  144. Camshaft Position Actuator Solenoid Valve Replacement (w. pics) - P0010/11 P0013/14
  145. For those of us that still smoke-Installation of a usable ashtray today
  146. How to: Adding After Market Rear Seat Belts to a Panel
  147. How to add GM Remote Start without option AP3
  148. Front sway bar swap
  149. Console Creaking/Noise fix
  150. General brand snaps for cargo shelf
  151. removing automatic gear shifter
  152. Change the language on your gauges
  153. Rear Bumper LED mod - long post
  154. Install Rear Seat in Panel
  155. Installing Interior Dome/Mirror Light Switch
  156. Chrome Console Shifter Ring - Lifting Fix
  157. Plastic Collar Quick Connect Fitting Service
  158. Automatic ESC off circuit
  159. GMPP Intake Modification for reliability
  160. How to: convert your LS or 1LT to a 2LT
  161. How to install an HHR spoiler
  162. New 'HHR specific' splash guards installed:
  163. Rear Turn Signal Mod using Front Wires
  164. Convert 3rd Brake Light Turn Signal/Stop Light
  165. Rear sidermarkers as turn signals...
  166. rear view mirror upgrade (Magna Donnelly)
  167. Convert front side marker to work as a turn signal and marker lamp
  168. How to save $350.00 + (Thermostat Replacement 2.4L - P0128)
  169. Hood Insulation Logo
  170. Discontinuing the XM Radio “Band” on the radio!
  171. DIY "1/2" Panel
  172. How to remove tree sap
  173. Angel Eyes DIY
  174. Removing the rear bumper cover/fascia
  175. Fixing broken door handles on HHR
  176. How to remove the "Headliner"
  177. I added front interior DOME LIGHT.
  178. Keyfob cold solder repair
  179. How To:Change Rear Wiper
  180. How to install HID Bi-Xenon Lights
  181. How To Carpet In The Back
  182. How to: Liftgate Emergency Switch
  183. LED MOD - Radio, HVAC, I/P - Step-By-Step Tutorial 2006-2008
  184. Cargo Mat & net
  185. Adding a 2nd Aux Hook-up to 07 HHR
  186. Changing LED's in Radio, Heater Controls, & Instrument Panel
  187. How do you replace the rear window wiper blade?
  188. DIY Roof Rack Install
  189. sunroof/headliner rattle easy fix
  190. Installed new Maplight
  191. How to Replace HVAC Blower fan/motor
  192. Quieting that trailer hitch
  193. 08 shifter change to 09
  194. License Plate Lights Replacement Help
  195. How to Paint Your Headlights
  196. Dome light turn around...
  197. How to Modify Ebay Fog Lights
  198. Fog light switch mod how-to.
  199. How to new Shift boot and short shifter.
  200. Rear wiper removal mod??
  201. How to Remove the Roof Rails
  202. 3 Bar Chrome Mod Advice
  203. How to remove shifter handle automatic.
  204. How to replace rotors and pads on 06 HHR
  205. Studs & Brake Rotor Change - Solstice Wheels
  206. SS Intercooler Grille Removal?
  207. How to fix the armrest
  208. Fixed my water leak, last night!!
  209. How To Install A New Horn
  210. Door Panel Removal
  211. Relocating Front License Plate
  212. How To Install Scripts
  213. Seat removal and carpet install
  214. headliner rattle repair-sunroof models
  215. How to Install an Aa Oo Gah Horn
  216. How to clean and wax stock wheels
  217. Sunroof quick fix (for those without warranty coverage)
  218. Installing rear seat in 07 Panel
  219. Smoothie Door Lock Knob install
  220. fender skirt install
  221. 3rd Brake Light Mod Step by Step
  222. Shorter Gear Shift?
  223. How to remove valve cover for 2.4.
  224. How to: Manual Liftgate Release
  225. Wax your HHR
  226. Antenna
  227. How to Convert 2006 Dimmer to Turn On Dome light
  228. Outlaw filter with CGS, 2.4L
  229. New Key, How to program it.
  230. Changing Transmission Fluid 5spd (How To)
  231. Badging Mods for the Uninitiated and Rushed Among Us
  232. How to install drop Springs...
  233. How To Replace the H13 Headlamps With HID Lamps
  234. Custom Euro Tail lights
  235. Installing running boards from a woman's viewpoint!
  236. 12 volt outlet in cargo area
  237. Aftermarket fog lights
  238. Modifying CGS for 2.2L
  239. Almost Shaved Wiper Mod w Chrome Metal Plug
  240. Window Switch Shroud Tutorial...
  241. NG's PAC SWI-X Install
  242. Triple Lakes or Slant Lake Pipe Install w Chrome Clamps
  243. Manual Trans shift knob removal
  244. Hijacking The Xm Radio Antenna
  245. Home-Grown CAI
  246. Gentex GENK3 Auto-dimming Mirror w/ lamps installation.
  247. Useful Car info Site
  248. Hella Optilux 2500 Angel Eye Light Kit add-on
  249. Progress Tech Sway Bar Install...
  250. Adding radio buttons on steering wheel